Star of Siam Afternoon Tea

Join us for a Thai Spin on the Traditional Afternoon Tea!

From £19.00 per person enjoy a delicious selection of sweet and savoury Thai treats in our first Afternoon Tea event.
Includes unlimited Jasmine Tea.

Sunday 30th June 2019


Includes Jasmine Tea or Thai Ice Tea

The Sample Menu is an example of what would be available on the day. This is subject to change slightly.


Mushrooms, carrot & water chestnut, wrapped in a thick pastry, deep fried & served with a sweet plum sauce.


grilled marinated King Prawns on skiewers served with a peanut sauce.

Duck Sweet Bun

Shredded Duck served in a sweet bun with cucumber and spring onion with a barbecue sauce.

Kung Hom Par

King Prawns wrapped in a thin pastry blanket, fried and served with a sweet plum sauce.

Siam Green Bean

Fresh Green Beans coated in a fish paste batter and deep fried till golden brown.

Mung Bean Custard Dessert

Mango & Sticky Rice

Banana Fritters

Terms & Conditions

Due to the limited availability for this event reservations must be made in advance. Payment will be required at the time of reservation and table times are available between 12:00 and 15:00. Once payment is made any cancellations will incur the full cost of meal and no refunds will be offered.