21. Kaeng Phet Pad Yang
10.95 GBP
Roasted duck in red curry, consisting of coconut milk, capsicums, cherry tomatoes, pineapple, aubergine and lychee’s gently simmered

22. Kang Kiew Warn
8.7 GBP
Green curry with chicken or beef in coconut milk, bamboo shoots, aubergine and basil leaves.

23. Kang Dang
8.7 GBP
Red curry with chicken or beef in coconut milk, fresh herbs, bamboo shoots and basil leaves

24. Kang Karee Kai
8.7 GBP
Chicken curry with potatoes and onion, fried red onion, served with cucumber relish

25. Panang
8.7 GBP
Dry curry with beef or chicken, coconut milk, kaffir leaves and capsicums

26. Masaman Beef
9.4 GBP
A mild but rich curry of slowly cooked braised beef with potatoes, onion, tomato and cashew nuts

27. Kang Kuar Saparot
9.6 GBP
Whole prawns and chunks of pineapple, simmered in a fragrant red curry paste with coconut milk and kaffir lime leaves

Main Course

28. Kai Pad Med Ma Moung
8.5 GBP
Chicken pieces stir fried with spring onion, onion, roasted chili, mushrooms and cashew nuts

29. Kai Pad Khing
8.5 GBP
Stir fried chicken with dried mushrooms, spring onion, onion, capsicums and ginger with soy beans

30. Pork or Chicken Kratieum
8.5 GBP
Pork or chicken stir fired with garlic, pepper & oyster sauce.

31. Pad Bai Grapow
8.3 GBP
Slices of chicken, pork or beef rapidly stir fried with garlic, onion, a touch of chili and a suitable bouquet of basil

32. Kai Ta Kir
8.3 GBP
A rich and tasty chicken dish, wok fried with lemon grass in the chef’s own sauce with a hint of chili.

33. Pad Nam Man Hoey
8.5 GBP
Lightly stir fried beef with mushrooms, carrot, spring onion, celery and oyster sauce

34. Priew Warn Sam Sa Hai
10.3 GBP
King prawns, chicken and pork cooked in piquant sweet and sour sauce with pineapple and vegetables

35. Ped Ma Karm
9.3 GBP
Breast of duck, braised in tamarind sauce with aromatic herbs and served on a bed of crispy lettuce

36. Rang Ped
9.3 GBP
Our special recipe of stir fried roasted duck on top of a nest of crispy noodles

38. Thai BBQ Chicken
9.9 GBP
Marinated half chicken, charcoal grilled, accompanied by piquant mild chili sauce

39. Pad Prik Sod
8.9 GBP
Aromatic stir fried (pork, chicken or beef ) with fresh chili, onion and basil leaves


1. Chicken Satay
5.3 GBP
Strips of grilled marinated chicken served with peanut sauce & a cucumber relish.

2. Spring Rolls (V)
Our special recipe served with sweet and sour sauce.

3. Kung Hom Par
5.9 GBP
Succulent king prawns wrapped in a thin pastry blanket deep fried and served with a sweet plum sauce.

4. Kanom Jeb
5.3 GBP
A steamed pudding with prawn and pork filling, intricately prepared and shaped as a flower.

5. Prawn Toast
5.3 GBP
Triangles of bread topped with minced prawn and chicken base, sprinkled with sesame seeds and deep fried until golden brown.

6. Fish Cakes
5.3 GBP
Grounded fish mixed with spices & red curry paste, lightly fried and served with a cucumber relish.

7. Spare Ribs
5.9 GBP
Pork ribs marinated in honey & soy sauce then deep roasted.

8. Tung Tong (V)
5.3 GBP
Mixed vegetables with mushrooms, carrot and water chestnut, wrapped in a think pastry, deep fried and served with a sweet plum sauce.

9. Crispy Duck Highfield (for two sharing)
11 GBP
Aromatic crispy duck served with spring onion, cucumber and pancakes, served with barbecue sauce.

10. Star of Siam Combination (for two sharing)
11 GBP
Mixed appetisers of chicken satay, fishcakes, spring rolls, spare ribs and Kanom jeb.


40. Kung Pad Broccoli
9.9 GBP
King prawns flash fried in a selected chef’s sauce with fresh broccoli, carrot & Chinese mushrooms.

41. Kung Nor Mai
10.3 GBP
Wok fried king prawns, bamboo shoots, garlic, herbs and chili

42. King Prawn or Squid Pad Prik
11.5 GBP
King prawns or squid stir fried with garlic and chili, tossed with spring onion, capsicums and blended with herbs

43. Kung Somm
10.5 GBP
Grilled king prawns in orange base sauce, with garlic, ginger and flambe’d with cognac

44. Homok Talay
11.5 GBP
A delicate seafood mousse of fish, mussels, prawns and crab claws flavored with curry paste, kachai root, coconut milk and egg served on a bed of crispy lettuce

45. Star of Siam Fish
13.4 GBP
Sea bass wok fried with our recipe of garlic and pepper

47. Phuket's Mermaid
13.4 GBP
Boneless whole sea bass gently cooked in chilli sauce

48. Pla Neung Ma Now
13.4 GBP
The mouth watering famous fish dish of slowly steamed sea bass in spicy herbs with chilli, garlic, lemon grass and coriander root

Speciality Dishes

49. Star of Siam Hot Plate
13.3 GBP
A combination of seafood, lightly cooked with mushrooms, baby sweet corn, celery, onion, water chestnuts, capsicums and chilli sauce

50. King Prawn or Squid Hot Plate
12.3 GBP
Whole king prawns or squid with mushrooms, baby sweet corn, celery, onion, water chestnuts, capsicums and chilli sauce

51. Roast Duck Hot Plate
11.5 GBP
Roast duck with mushrooms, celery, onion, water chestnuts and capsicums

Sides & Miscellaneous

53. Pad Thai
A famous traditional Thai rice noodle dish fried with king prawns, bean sprouts, egg, spring onion, red onion and tamarind sauce

54. Pad Thai Kai
8.2 GBP
A famous traditional Thai rice noodle dish with chicken, spring onion, bean sprouts, egg, red onion and tamarind sauce

55. Star of Siam Fired Rice (two sharing)
8.2 GBP
Rice, wok fried in curry mix with prawns, chicken, pork, crab claws, onions, raisins and pineapple served in a pineapple shell

56. Fragrant Steamed Rice
2.2 GBP

57. Egg Fried Rice
2.7 GBP

58. Glutinous Rice
2.7 GBP

2.7 GBP

Plain Noodles
2.7 GBP


59. Tao Hu Tod (Starter)
4.9 GBP
Deep fried bean curd served with sweet and sour sauce.

60. Pak Chip Pang Tod (Starter)
4.9 GBP
Mixed battered vegetables served with a sweet plum sauce.

63. Yum Head (Salad)
7.1 GBP
Mushroom salad with vermicelli, spices & herbs.

66. Kang Karee Pak (Curry)
7.6 GBP
Vegetable yellow curry with potatoes & onions.

67. Pad Pak
Assorted fresh vegetables stir fried in oyster sauce.

68. Pad Thai Jay
6.8 GBP
A traditional Thai rice noodle dish fried with tofu, bean sprouts, egg, spring onion, red onion & tamarind sauce.

69. Priew Warn Pak
6.5 GBP
Sweet and sour vegetables.

70. Pad Broccoli
6.1 GBP
Wok fried broccoli topped with peanut sauce, cashew nuts and angel mushrooms.

71. Star of Siam Hot Plate
7.9 GBP
A combination of fresh vegetables lightly cooked with cashew nuts, bean curd, water chestnuts & chilli sauce